10 Minute Pizza

In an ideal world I would make nutritious, wholesome, home-cooked dinners for my children every day, which the whole family would sit down to enjoy together while having a happy chat about our day and feeling like we're in a Bisto advert. In reality, sometimes you need to get something on the table FAST because it took half an hour to negotiate your toddler out of the Peppa Pig ride outside the supermarket. Then a large bottle of soy sauce fell out of your shopping bag and smashed on the floor, covering you and every, single item of your shopping in sticky, brown gloop, which took an entire pack of wet-wipes to clean up and left you with a bit of glass in your hand which, rather than bother with the faff of herding everyone back into the supermarket to ask for a nice sterile plaster for, you bandaged up with a used wet-wipe you found in the car door. Just an example, of course, but the point is you are running late, your children are hungry and you need to come up with a quick meal that they won't throw at your head because it's got visible vegetables in it. Something that you can make one-handed would also be handy because you still have glass in the other one. This recipe is for those such times.  Not only can it be thrown together in ten minutes but it uses just four ingredients (which I try to make sure I always have at home) and makes a really scrummy dinner - my bambinos see pizza as a real treat as well, bonus. 


  • Tortilla wraps
  • Tomato passata
  • Ketchup
  • Grated mozarella
  1. Turn the oven on to 220 degrees. 
  2. Make some amazingly easy pizza sauce by squeezing some ketchup into some passata and mixing - I like just a bit of ketchup but use as much as you like depending on how sweet you want it. Obviously it is preferable to cook up a rich tomato sauce using lots of lovely vegetables, fresh herbs and seasoning, but this is not the time! 
  3. Place a tortilla on a baking tray, spoon some tomato sauce onto it and use the back of the spoon to spread it out evenly. Top with grated mozzarella. If you have any toppings handy in the fridge (ham, cooked sausage, veggies etc) you can chuck some of these on too. 
  4. Put it in the oven until it's nice and golden - takes about 8 mins in mine.

* we planned to cut stars out of our pizza but forgot and gobbled it up*

                                          Don't bother with plates and cutlery, just shove it on a board and go, go, go!

                                          Don't bother with plates and cutlery, just shove it on a board and go, go, go!